Virtual Reality Solution

An innovative media that offers realistic 360° video-graphic virtual reality experiences. 360 Video Production is designed for any industry that communicates about and markets real-world places. OmniScenic is a Miami 360 Video Production company providing service to South Florida. Out-of-state projects are welcomed and may incur additional cost.

  Travel & Hospitality • Provide potential guests with an immersive 360° video experience of your properties so they can book more frequently and with confidence.

  Business | Brand | Product & Service Advertisement • Convert potential customers into sales by allowing them to virtually experience your business, brand, products and/or services online.

  Events • Maximize bookings by enabling potential clients to virtually experience your events online. Maximize sales on future events by exposing past events with 360° audio-visuals.

  Architects Engineers Contractors (AEC) • Capture 360° video visuals of the progress of your projects. Document the progress of current projects to help future processes.

Onsite Filming

$150 / h
  • Small Projects | 1 Camera
  • Add’l Cost for Larger Projects
  • Includes Most Equipment Cost
  • Easy Payments w/Quickbooks

Post Production

$100 / h
  • Small Projects | 1 Editor
  • Add’l Cost for Larger Projects
  • 10h Post-Production / m of Content
  • Easy Payments w/Quickbooks

  360 Video Hosting:

  Can be hosted on many platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and other specialized video hosting providers.

  Easily Access & Share:

Viewers can easily access and share hosted 360 videos on any device.

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