We offer aerial drone mapping & 3d models photogrammetry services in Miami and South Florida including drone mapping, aerial 2d orthomosaic maps, aerial 3d models, point clouds, various file deliverables & data reports.

The onsite data acquisition flight is performed by an experienced and certified drone pilot. Data processing is offered in-house with leading software technologies. Products are delivered to ASPRS standards of accuracy to surveyors and AEC professionals.

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2D Map | Orthomosaic

Miami Aerial Drone Mapping & 3D Models

3D Model

  Architectural Engineering & Construction • Measure, document, monitor, inspect, report and share real-world places with aerial 2d orthomosaic maps and 3d models of land parcels, construction sites, roofs, structures and more. Share the acquired data with a surveyor for surveying procedures.

  Surveyors • Use our experienced and certified drone pilot for onsite aerial data acquisition. Let us process the data and provide deliverables. Avoid having to implement your own drone mapping program within your organization.

  Business Properties • Attract new clients by exposing the exterior of your business with impressive aerial 3d models. Share and embed the models into your website.

  Residential & Commercial Real Estate • Let your properties stand out in the marketplace with engaging aerial 3d models. Attract new buyers and increase visits/conversions.

  Insurance & Property Claims • Acquire comprehensive loss documentation for exteriors. Share easily with adjusters, estimators and consultants to finalize claims efficiently.


Drone mapping is slowly becoming the industry standard for AEC professionals. In essence, staying ahead with the latest location documentation technology can translate to major cost savings for a company.

  • Measured Photographic Records: Aerial photographs have geographic coordinates; therefore, they are not only photographic records but can also be processed into 2d maps & 3d models that can be measured.
  • Eliminate Fieldwork: Minimizing fieldwork can translate to major cost savings for a construction company. Drone mapping allows builders to have field information readily available with software processed 2d maps and 3d models that can be easily analyzed and measured offsite.
  • Ideal for Difficult to Access Locations: Drone mapping is great to use in locations that are difficult, unsafe or even impossible to access. It is an ideal surveying method that can be efficiently used in areas where fieldwork may be dangerous or not possible.

Onsite Data Acquisition

  • Up to 1 Hour
  • $250 Per Add’l Hour
  • Option to Receive Image Data
  • Easy Payments w/Quickbooks

Post | Data Processing

  • Per 2D Map or 3D Model
  • Includes File Deliverables
  • Add’l Cost for Model Hosting
  • Easy Payments w/Quickbooks


  High resolution jpg map, 3d model obj file, point cloud las file, geotiff map file, optional link to cloud based 3d models and more.

  Easy Google Drive Delivery:

Convenient email delivery with Google Drive for easy download.

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